Working on an attractive city center

We are working hard to make the Den Helder city centre as attractive as possible. This is clearly visible when you walk through the city center. New stores are added and existing stores are being updated with a new modern look. The Jutters, this is the name that we use for people who are born and raised in Den Helderare proud of their city. And they love to talk about it. Den Helder is in full swing and shopkeepers are also doing everything they can to make visitors feel at home. Regularly there are small and larger events. Think of the Royal Navy Days, the popular shopping night, public fashion shows and much more.

Newly opened stores

Now that the city center has become much more modern and a large number of shops have had a facelift, new stores have been added, shopping pleasure is also increasing. The new stores are also more spacious and show that hard work has been done on the city center. Not only by the retailers themselves, but also by the municipality.

Den Helderse city center has a variety of shops that are centered in the Beatrixstraat, Keizerstraat and Spoorstraat. As a visitor to our beautiful city you can reach all shops within walking distance from the station. As soon as you leave Den Helder trainstation, you are immediately in the shopping center. Very practical.

A wide variation of stores

The center of Den Helder also has a wide range of shops. There is something for everyone. And between all those shops there is plenty of opportunity to have a cup of coffee, take a lunch or get a snack. If you want to dine in the evening, there is plenty of choice. In the center there are restaurants with various maps. From pizza to a la Carte. In our overview on this website you can make a choice at home.

In short, the local shops are looking forward to your visit!